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Weed Vodka (The Stoner Russian) Recipe


I never even knew Weed Vodka existed until I met my first stoner Russian in San Diego.  One really stoney drunk night later I had found a lifelong best friend and a great marijuana vodka recipe to share with fellow stoners.


Any Vodka

Left over stems from breaking up bud, nugs and vaporizer leftovers


  1. Purchase your favorite vodka and add in any marijuana materials that you please fully submerging them.
  2. Let sit for one to 2 weeks shaking occasionally if you think about it.
  3. Run Vodka Through a coffee filter to remove marijuana materials.
  4. Vodka is now infused with marijuana and ready to enjoy!


  1. The less vodka you use per unit of marijuana the more potently laced the vodka will be with marijuana.

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