Top 7 New Strains This Week

By November 12, 2016Marijuana News
Chemdawg marijuana strain review

This week Top Dank added 7 great strains to our marijuana strain database. We have a classic parent of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. A Strain that may be able to control your mind. There are so many good cannabis strains you will feel like you were in a Trainwreck. Without further ado, here are the top 7 new strains this week.

1. Chemdawg

Chemdawg is an extremely influential cannabis strain. Yet despite its influence, Chemdawg’s lineage is shrouded in mystery. Some stories go as far as mentioning a meeting at a Grateful Dead concert.

Despite the uncertainty, there is no denying Chemdawg’s impact on the cannabis community. This is evident in hallmark strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Both of which have Chemdawg in their lineage.

Chemdawg is often used in breeding new phenotypes. Its distinct intoxicating aroma that fills a room with scents of lemon and pine is ideal for many strains. Chemdawg is super potent. One hit from Chemdawg and you can feel the effects.

2. MK Ultra

MK Ultra’s unique name is surprisingly courtesy of the CIA. MK Ultra was the codename of the CIA’s mind control program. This indica-dominant hybrid has the potential to do just that if grown properly. With its above average yields and short bushy stature MK Ultra is a great indoor grow choice. It is a cross between the sativa dominant hybrid OG Kush and indica G-13.

This strain is known for being one of the most potent strains in the world. It won 2nd price in the High Times Indica Cup in 2004 and 1st prize the year prior.

3. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an indica strain. It was originally a cross of an OG Kush (Indica) and a father that is the cross of a West Coast Dog (Indica) and Old World Kush (Indica). The resulting plants were then selectively bred for multiple generations to create the perfect bud, known as Bubba Kush.

4. Trainwreck

Trainwreck is a sativa dominant hybrid cross between Mexican (sativa) x Thai (sativa) x Afghani (indica). It is very popular in dispensaries across America because of its cool name and healing properties.

Trainwreck produces a high that is energetic and uplifting. You feel ready to ignite that spark of creativity inside of you. The uppity sativa high is very motivating but equally relaxing.

Trainwreck has a high THC content upwards of 21%, so it is a great cannabis strain for pain relief. Trainwreck’s appearance is not mind boggling but it is attractive. Frosty green Trainwreck nugs are accompanied by fiery fine red pistils.

5. Purple Diesel

Purple Diesel is a sativa dominant hybrid cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel. It produces a great uplifting high, that can be described as both creative and giggly depending on the mood you are in. One of Purple Diesel’s greatest qualities is it’s appearance. It is a magnificent hue of frosty purple and dark green with vivid fiery orange pistils protruding from the nugs. The taste is also quite enjoyable with a strong diesel taste with a hint of berry. The ideal flowering time for Purple Diesel is 75 days indoors.

6. God’s Gift

God’s Gift as its name suggests is a high quality indica strain. It is a cross Between Grandaddy Purple and OG Kush. This produces a visually stunning bud that is purple with radiant orange hairs throughout. Upon hitting God’s Gift you will taste a beautiful blend of grape, citrus, fruit and piney awesomeness.

This gift from the heavens is great for medical marijuana patients. It produces a heavenly, relaxing high that melts the stress right off you. God’s Gift is not a strain known for mind racing head highs. It is a relaxing body high with just the right amount of joyful alertness.

7. Green Crack

Green Crack is a wonderful strain if you are looking for energy. The beautiful union of 1989 SSSC Skunk #1 and an Isolated Afghani Cut came together to produce a powerful Sativa dominant hybrid. As the name suggests, Green Crack produces a very wired uplifting experience.

Well that is it this week. We hope you enjoyed. Share the knowledge.



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