Orange Velvet (Hybrid)

By December 6, 2015Hybrid, Marijuana Strains
Orange Velvet strain information

Orange Velvet = Unknown Skunk Origins




Orange Velvet is a hybrid strain that has dwindled out of popularity in recent years. This strain’s claim to fame is its Orange Dreamcicle smell. Some say with a blindfold it is near impossible to distinguish the two. Orange Velvet’s origins are unknown, but it is believed to have Skunk origins. This strain was previously known as “Melvin” and its name was changed for better market acceptance. Orange Velvet has donated its genetics to famous strains such as Jillybean and Agent Orange. This hybrid strain produces a mildly uplifting high with slight pain relieving qualities. Its THC content usually ranges around 15% and the mild buzz only lasts around 2 hours.

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