Marijuana Videos

This is a collection of the best marijuana videos on the web.  Learn interesting marijuana facts, grow tips and just about anything else cannabis related.

Pretty interesting video on Cannabis Research, check it out.


Great Video on How to make PROPER whipped BHO “Budder” without a vacuum purger

How to roll a perfect Joint with Wiz Khalifa

Bob Marley Sharing His Views on Marijuana

Dr Sanjay Gupta’s New Documentary “WEED 2”, Legalization Is Coming

CNN Viewers Overwhelmingly Want Cannabis Legalized

Stoned Drivers Skills Put To The Test

Secrets to Harvesting Marijuana

Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary

Interesting Weed Prank

Real Footage of California Pot Bust

Orgasmic Outdoor Grow Tour

Colorado Pot Rush

Lebanon’s Hash Farms

This is Why Marijuana is Illegal

Joe Rogan’s Pros and Cons of Marijuana

Nat Geo Special on Weed

Fat Guy Really High