LA Confidential (Indica)

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Handfull of LA Confidential

LA Confidential = OG LA Affie x Afghani




LA Confidential is one of those standout California grown indica strains you don’t forget. Its super frosty, medium green nugs pack a serious punch. This strain was developed in the 1970s by a breeder named Johnny Que.

LA Confidential is a cross between Afghani and one of the first California OG strains OG LA Affie. It has dark orange, almost red hairs, that protrude from the trichome covered landscape. This strain is a great way to relax and feel inspired at the end of the day. It quickly alleviates the stress and medical users find LA Confidential is also great for pain relief, depression and insomnia.

LA Confidential Strain Guide

LINEAGE: LA Confidential = OG LA Affie x Afghani
TYPE: Indica
THC: Between 19% and 25%
APPEARANCE: LA Confidential has dense nugs that are medium green with a small bits of dark green. The pistils are orangish-red and trichomes coat the buds like a fresh frosty snow.
SMELL: It has an earthy scent with hints of spice and fuel.
BEST FOR TREATING: Insomnia, Pain, Appetite, Depression and Migraines
CREATED FEELINGS: Great euphoric balance that gives inspiration, pain relief and often the munchies.
DURATION: Strong high that usually lasts over 2 hours
SIMILAR STRAINS: Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Afghani and Ingrid
AWARDS: 3rd place for Best Indica at the 2004 Cannabis Cup and 2nd place in 2005


FLOWERING TIME: 7 to 8 weeks
YIELD INDOOR: Around 350 grams per meter sq
Up to 450 grams per plant

It is recommended that you Pre-veg LA Confidential for maximum yield. Thinning the large fan leaves in the later part of the flower cycle will promote more light getting to the lower buds, giving you a larger yield.

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