Irene Kush = OG Kush x Unknown




Irene Kush is a special strain whose superb potency can only be matched by its wonderful appearance and smell. This super dank top shelf marijuana strain is grade A bud when grown properly. Irene Kush has a Bubba Kush type taste with a very sour pungent smell. Irene Kush is one of those mystical type strains that was very popular around the year 2000. Though Irene’s origins are still disputed to this day, its quality is unanimously agreed upon.

It is speculated that Irene Kush is a descendant of a random glorious bag seed of OG Kush in California. Legend has it the first Irene Kush seed was discovered in Atlanta, Georgia and cultivated to become what we now know as Irene Kush.

Irene Kush is a dank, sticky bud that resinates your fingers when breaking up. Irene’s beautiful orange hairs and magnificent Sour Kush scent make her a showstopper. Overall Irene Kush is a wonderful strain and the pride of the ATL. It is becoming increasingly difficult to come across, but if you find it at your local dispensary it is definitely worth a try.

Irene Kush Marijuana Review

 Hybrid Indica Dominant
THC: Up to 23%
APPEARANCE: A beautiful combination of orange, purple and green produce spindly densely packed buds. Very frosted and sticky with trichomes and very aesthetically pleasing.
SMELL: Very pungent sweet smell that is a little earthy and more sour than the average OG Kush.
BEST FOR TREATING: Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain, Appetite, Depression and Migraines
CREATED FEELINGS: Creates a great buzz, initial hit is very subtle and has a great after taste. Very uplifting and euphoric high that is very Sativa and uppity, but later kicks it down a notch for a more Indica body high.
DURATION: Great high for 2 to 3 hours


YIELD INDOOR: Around 700 grams
YIELD OUTDOOR: Up to around 1000 grams

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