Ingrid (Indica)

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Ingrid cannabis information

Ingrid = Cheese x Hash Plant




Ingrid is an indica-dominant cross between Cheese and Hash Plant. It is known for its cheesy-skunk aroma and tranquilizer like qualities. This strain is great for insomnia, you instantly feel a deep relaxing body high and know couch-lock is imminent. Ingrid has the ability to do 3 things very well: Increase hunger, relieve muscle tension and put you to sleep. Extreme trichome production makes Ingrid an ideal candidate for cannabis concentrate production. This super frosty indica is increasing in popularity, yet it is still scarce or unavailable in most of the country.

Ingrid Cannabis Strain Guide

TYPE: Indica
THC: Between 23% and 28%
CBD: .24% – .89%
GENETICS: Cheese x Hash Plant
APPEARANCE: Ingrid has super frosty buds and short orange pistils.
SMELL: Cheesy and skunky
BEST FOR TREATING: Insomnia, digestive relief, muscle tension
CREATED FEELINGS: This strain gets you really stoned. You feel focused for a short period and then the fatigue begins to kick in. This strain is so relaxing some have described it as being shot by a tranquilizer gun. There is no denying Ingrid provides great relief for those who suffer from insomnia and/or digestive issues.
DURATION: 2-3 hours
SIMILAR STRAINS: Blue Cheese, Romulan and UK Cheese


FLOWERING TIME: 9 to 10 weeks
YIELD: Medium 450 to 550 grams per meter sq
TYPE: Indica

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  • Carol says:

    I have never seen Ingrid in a dispensary. I would love to get my hands on the one in the featured image. That looks delicious!

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