Highland Oaxaca Gold (Sativa)

Highland Oaxaca Gold Mexican landrace review

Highland Oaxaca Gold = Mexican Landrace




Highland Oaxaca Gold, AKA H.O.G., is a Mexican Landrace strain that grows around 46 degrees N. This tall growing pure sativa has large symmetrical buds with purple and red calyx tips. This strain was very popular in the 70s. Its high quality buds are brownish green in color and have a super-spicy cedar aroma, almost like an incense. When smoked it has a hint of berry and produces an uplifting seemingly never ending psychedelic high that comes in waves.

This strain has fallen out of popularity over the years as more potent buds have arisen. One unique effect reported by Highland Oaxaca Gold is visual distortion of primary cartoon colors. For this reason, this strain was a favorite at social gatherings in the 70s for enhancing drugs like mushrooms and LSD.

Highland Oaxaca Gold
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