Hash Plant (Indica)

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Hash Plant indica review

Hash Plant = Hash Plant x (Hash Plant x Northern Lights)




Hash Plant is a legendary indica strain from the 1980s. It is the genetic backbone of many popular strains like Mr. Nice Guy and Black Domina. It originated from a stocky and genetically impressive Hash Plant that was imported into the Pacific Northwest by a renowned cultivator. This plant was then bred to give it a more pronounced sticky Afghan phenotype.

This Pacific Northwest female Hash Plant was then transported to Amsterdam in the early 1980s and bred with a male cross of Hash Plant and Northern Lights. This created the modern day 75% HP – 25% NL cross, that is frequently used in breeding. This esteemed strain grows dense nugs with clusters of trichomes covering the surface. It has a spicy, peppery, hash-like taste that dissipates quickly as your body succumbs to the strain. Hash Plant produces a joyous, euphoric buzz that is relaxing and munchie inducing.

Hash Plant Cannabis Strain Guide

TYPE: Indica
THC: 10% – 13%
GENETICS: Hash Plant x (Hash Plant x Northern Lights)
APPEARANCE: The buds are very condensed and resin coated.
SMELL: It has an Afghan hint of pepper and spice
BEST FOR TREATING: Pain, insomnia, appetite, stress
CREATED FEELINGS: This strain is creates a blissful and euphoric high that is very relaxing.
DURATION: Around 2 hours
SIMILAR STRAINS: Grape RomulanHeadband and UK Cheese


FLOWERING TIME: Around 45 days
HEIGHT: Short plant between 3 and 4 feet
YIELD: Moderate

Hash Plant grows short and stout. If grown properly you can produce hand sized colas that are coated in resin and trichomes. This strain grows quickly and is easy to clone, making it ideal for breeding with other strains.

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