Green Crack Strain (Sativa)

Green Crack marijuana growing indoors

Green Crack = Skunk #1 x Afghani Isolated Cut




Green Crack is a wonderful strain if you are looking for energy. The beautiful union of 1989 SSSC Skunk #1 and an Isolated Afghani Cut came together to produce a powerful Sativa dominant hybrid. As the name suggests, Green Crack produces a very wired energetic experience.

Green Crack has a fruity aroma with sweet notes of mango, pineapple and exotic woods. It is a great high for hanging out with friends and fellow patients. Good medical uses for Green Crack are treating fatigue, depression and pain.

Green Crack
Marijuana Strain Overview

THC: Between 14% and 21% CBD: Around .1%
GENETICS: Skunk #1 x Afghani Isolated Cut
APPEARANCE: Buds are attractive and light green. There is an abundance of orange hairs.
SMELL: Green Crack has an intense and fruity aroma and flavor, with notes of mango, pineapple, to exotic woods and incense.
BEST FOR TREATING: Stress, Depression and Pain.
CREATED FEELINGS: Green Crack like its name suggests produces a very uppity sativa high. It makes you feel energetic, almost wired. It is a great daytime smoke.
DURATION: Clear headed high that lasts 2 to 3 hours
SIMILAR STRAINS: Green Ribbon, Blue Dream and Super Lemon Haze.


FLOWERING TIME: Indoor 56-62 Days / Outdoor End of September
YIELD INDOOR:  600 grams per sq meter
YIELD OUTDOOR:  800-1200 grams per plant

Green Crack is a pretty easy strain to grow. It has a short flowering period and produces pretty good yields. Green Crack is a medium/large sized plant. It has a strong, open structure, with large distances between nodes. The leaves are light green, long and thin.

With Green Crack’s rapid growth, many prefer to delay growth by cropping. This leaves an adequate amount of space for flowering. When grown properly, Green Crack has an abundance of large and heavy buds covered in resin. Indoor Green Crack yields 600 grams per square meter. Flowering time indoors is around 56 days.

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  • Neil says:

    I love Green crack. This strain gets me so amped. I almost always clean the house afterward, whether it needs it or not.

  • Jonathan says:

    Now I know where Green Crack gets its name! It is late and I am bouncing off the walls. My head is racing and I am alert. Just here browsing some late night strains. Awesome, Awesome sativa. Definitely worth a try!

  • Kyle Beaker says:

    Wow Green Crack gets me super hyper. Don’t try b4 bed!

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