Grape Romulan (Hybrid)

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Grape Romulan Review

Grape Romulan = Romulan x Grapefruit




Grape Romulan is a hybrid cross of two famous Canadian strains, Romulan and Grapefruit. It glistens from thousands of trichomes that coat every crevice of the dense buds. Grape Romulan’s taste is floral and sweet with a hint of grapefruit. The buzz feels as if it quickly expands your mind with a sativa presence, that eases nicely into a relaxing and inspiring high. Medical marijuana patients use Grape Romulan to treat insomnia, bipolar disorder, inflammation, stress and Crones Disease.

Grape Romulan Cannabis Strain Guide

TYPE: Hybrid
THC: Between 16% and 20%
GENETICS: Romulan x Grapefruit
APPEARANCE: The nugs are very dense and covered in copious amounts of trichomes and resin.
SMELL: Grape Romulan has a sweet almost grape fruit like smell that is slightly metallic.
BEST FOR TREATING: Migraines, Insomnia, Appetite Loss, Crohn’s Disease and Bipolar Disorder.
CREATED FEELINGS: A clearheaded inspiring high that is followed by a heavy comedown.
DURATION: 2 hours
SIMILAR STRAINS: Fruity Pebbles, Grape Ape and Fruity Juice

Grape Romulan
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