Grandaddy Purple (Indica)

3 Grandaddy Purple nuggets on top of eachother

Grandaddy Purple = Big Bud x Purple Urkle




Grandaddy Purple’s Origins

Grandaddy Purple hasn’t always been the most popular strain on the block. In fact it’s origin story is quite interesting. The gentleman credited with bringing Grandaddy Purple to the mainstream in California is Ken Estes. This is how Mr. Estes describes the evolution of Grandaddy Purple.

Ken Estes the man credited with bringing grandaddy purple to california

During the Vietnam War many veterans returned home with highly potent strains of Marijuana. Among the strains imported into the US were Thai, Buddha and Afghani.

Thai, Buddha and Afghani

The vets knew these strains were very potent and purple, but had low yields. Many in Northern California in the Humboldt area started breeding these purple strains. This created powerful purple hued Indicas. Yet for some reason they never caught on in popularity. Until that one legendary day Ken Estes met up with a Northern California Indian tribe.

Ken had hooked up a few members in the tribe with marijuana in the past, so he was in their good graces. Ken was invited to a ceremony and brought into a circle with prayers and a medicine man. The medicine man presented Estes with a strain of marijuana the Indians had been growing for 22 years. Ken’s jaw dropped when he saw the buds in the light. Covered inside and out in purple and with the sweetest smell imaginable. Ken said “It smelled Purple, I didn’t even know what Purple smelled like.”

Ken nicely asked the Indians if they had more. They gave him some and the rest is history. He brought this mystical Indian strain to California residents and it has been a favorite ever since. Though Ken doesn’t know the exact genetics, he speculates it is a product of multiple crosses. Likely from the original Vietnam vet strains and various skunk strains. Some believe modern GDP is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud,. This cross is favorable for increased yields. Regardless of genetics, it is undeniable Grandaddy Purple is now one of the most popular strains in the world.

Why is GDP Purple?

Grandaddy Purple’s signature purple hue can be attributed to two main factors.

1. Genetics. Buddha and Afghani have a lot of purple in them and the original GDP was likely a result of multiple crosses within these strains.

2. Temperature. To Turn Purple GDP requires very low temperatures around 55 degrees in the end of flowering. This is to simulate GDP’s original harsh environments where winter comes quickly.

How is Grandaddy Purple’s High?

The high produced by Grandaddy Purple is very nice. It is a great head and body buzz that will have you tripping out pretty good for an hour or so. Before you know it the narcotic effect of GDP kicks in. Your eyes redden, you sink into the couch and are suddenly ready for bed or at the very least a nap. Grandaddy Purple is definitely a great night time smoke

Granddaddy Purple Strain Guide

TYPE: Indica
THC: Up to 21% usually around 19%
Genetics: Cross Between Purple Urkle and Big Bud
APPEARANCE: Grandaddy Purple as its name indicates is a beautiful purple hue.  Glistening with trichomes Grandaddy Purple is rivaled by few in appearance. It has light and dark green buds intertwined with purple awesomeness inside and out. Grandaddy Purple is sticky and extremely resinous.
SMELL: Grandaddy Purple has a very sweet smell that translates into a marvelous sweet grape taste.  It has a slightly piney smell with sandalwood undertones.
BEST FOR TREATING: Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain Relief, Appetite, Depression and Migraines
CREATED FEELINGS: Creates a very euphoric buzz that is quite relaxing.  The initial hit sends a nice wave of relief down the neck and spine.  The taste is wonderful and up lifting. This is definitely a strain you will “trip out” on. Like most Indica’s, as time passes by fatigue  and couch lock begins to set in.
DURATION: Great high for 2 hours


YIELD INDOOR: Around 400 grams
YIELD OUTDOOR: Up to around 500 grams

Grandaddy Purple has beautifully resinated buds completely covered in trichomes. If grown in low temperatures the nuggets are a magnificent purple, with orange hairs throughout. GDP grows short and stocky like most indicas. Around 8 to 9 weeks of flowering the buds enlarge and harden. This is also when Grandaddy Purp develops its signature purple hue.

Good Ventilation is recommended as Grandaddy Purple gives off a pungent sweet aroma.  When ready for harvest GDP will have large THC clusters and dense buds. The trichomes should also be examined under magnification to achieve peak harvest.

Yields on Grandaddy Purple are also not to shabby (around 450 grams), likely due to the cross with Big Buds. Grandaddy Purple is a pretty easy strain to grow, as it thrives both indoors and outdoo

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