Agent Orange cannabis strain

Agent Orange = Orange Velvet x Jack the Ripper




Despite the name, Agent Orange is not part of the governments herbicidal warfare program. It is a remarkably resinous hybrid strain with an uplifting high and smooth orange aftertaste. Its fresh citrus aroma is enticing to the senses and equally as pleasurable when inhaled. Using a vaporizer really brings out the clean orange flavor.

Many enjoy taking bong rips of Agent Orange. This sativa dominant strain produces a very relaxing and uplifting effect. Many find Agent Orange great for stress relief, mood enhancement and inducing cheerfulness. When growing Agent Orange flowering time is usually around 60 days.

Agent Orange Strain Review

 Hybrid Sativa Dominant
THC: 13% to 19%
APPEARANCE: Agent orange has extremely resinous buds. It is completely frosted in trichomes. The pistils are orange and in abundance.
SMELL: Agent Orange has an amazingly fresh citrus aroma.
BEST FOR TREATING: Stress, mood enhancement and depression.
CREATED FEELINGS: When smoked out of a bong or joint Agent Orange produces a stress relieving and uplifting high. When smoked out of a vaporizer, it seems as if it becomes even more sativa in nature. The vaporizer makes the high more energetic.
DURATION: Great high for 2 to 3 hours
SIMILAR STRAINS: Super Lemon Haze, Pineapple and Sour LA


PHENOTYPES: Two main variations one short and thick and one taller and more resinous.
YIELD OUTDOOR: Very heavy, especially in the last few weeks.
BEST WAY TO GROW: Top and train into a bush.
HARVEST WINDOW: 55-65 days

Agent Orange Rating
4.5 Top Dank Rating
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