About TopDank

What is TopDank’s mission?

TopDank’s mission is to provide the fastest most intuitive marijuana search in the world. We are always dedicated to being customer centric. We provide access to the absolute highest quality dank marijuana strains and information. TopDank strives to remain on the forefront of technology and the leader in the marijuana advertisement industry. We live and create our success story on a daily basis. We focus on always providing a personal customer experience and consistently welcoming new customers into the TopDank family.

Who Can Use TopDank.com?

By visiting any page on TopDank.com you understand that “Adult” content may be encountered that is not suitable for children. You must be at least 18 years of age.

How Do I Add My Medical Marijuana Clinic or Club

Send us a message with your dispensary information here.

Why Did a Review Disappear From My Listing Page?

A review may be deleted if it does not follow the guidelines in our Terms of Service under Conduct. This is usually due to being overly negative, bashing, untruthful, vulgar, attacking competition, or any other reason TopDank moderators deem necessary.

Will TopDank Remove Bad Reviews For Paying Advertisers?

TopDank will never remove negative reviews of paid sponsors. We treat bad reviews equally for sponsored and non-sponsored dispensaries. Negative reviews unfortunately are a normal part of doing business and the occasional bad review can be expected. Please understand that one persons bad review should not tarnish the reputation of a dispensary or doctor, but should be looked at as that individuals own experience that they were kind enough to share with the community.

Can I Use TopDank Under Multiple Accounts?

No. It is never acceptable to have more than one TopDank username. If it is discovered that a user is posting under multiple aliases for the same dispensaries their ip address will be banned.

Why Am I Getting Emails From TopDank.com?

You signed up with a login name on our site! Click on the Verify Email button at the top of the email if you would like to join our mailing list or press unsubscribe at the bottom of the page if you receive an email.

Find Illegal Activities Mentioned in a Review?

Occasionally we receive reviews from users that discuss illegal activity that is not detected by our moderators.  If you come upon a review from a user or advertiser that is not in strict compliance with California Prop 215 and Senate Bill 420, send us an email at contacttopdank@gmail.com with the subject line Illegal. We take great pride in insuring that our listings for collectives and doctors are 100% compliant with the laws of their respected states.

Dispensary Review Policy Disclosure

Reviews are an integral feature of TopDank.com and we take their moderation very seriously. Reviews will never be removed at the request of advertisers unless they violate our Terms of Service. Reviews will be removed if they are constructed by dispensary owners or employees in an attempt to dupe the star rating system and artificially inflate dispensary ratings.

How Is The Ranking of Advertisers Determined in the Top 10 and on maps?

TopDank ranks advertisers on a multitude of factors. A few factors taken into account are how much they are paying for advertising, user star ratings, prices, page hits, overall business quality and geographical location.


TopDank.com and its partners affirm that it does not perform any due diligence on any information, ownership or content on any of the Company’s clients or customers.   TopDank makes no claims to the authenticity of third party information and does not require that their products be verified or tested for accuracy.  TopDank does not assume responsibility for accuracy of menus, maps, coupons or content provided by TopDank or any third party.  The information on TopDank is provided as is and as a convenience for TopDank users and any claims to any dispensaries legal status on TopDank has not been verified.