Oregon Marijuana Legalization: 15 Things You Must Know

By July 1, 2015Marijuana News

Hip Hip Hooray! Marijuana is finally legal in Oregon, but you better be careful.

Although thousands rejoiced the legalization of recreational Marijuana in Oregon today, there is a catch. There is no place to legally purchase marijuana.

Although voters approved the ballot in the 2014 midterm elections, they did not hash out the details on purchasing cannabis.  That means Oregon just became the 4th state to legalize recreational marijuana, but you can’t buy it anywhere.

So Here Are 15 Things You Should Know About Marijuana Legalization In Oregon.

How old do I have to be to consume marijuana?

You have to be 21 years or older to partake in recreational cannabis in Oregon.

How much marijuana can I possess?

You can have 1 ounce in public or up to 8 ounces in private. Yet there are currently no legal dispensaries in the state.

Does it have to be flowers or can I have edibles and concentrates?

In Oregon edibles and concentrates are treated the same as marijuana, so the same rules apply.

How many plants can I grow?

Oregon is currently allowing you to grow up to 4 plants. Good luck trying to cheat the system with your roommates though, only four plants per household.

Is it ok to take my marijuana out of state?

Under no circumstance is it ok to transport marijuana across state lines.

How much is it taxed?

There will be an excise tax of 20% at the point of sale in recreational shops when they become available.

Can I give marijuana as a gift to my buddy?

Sharing is caring in Oregon. A nice cannabis tree is a perfectly acceptable christmas gift. As long as the amount is under the legal limits.

Can I smoke outside?

You can smoke outside in your own residence, but it is illegal to smoke in public. You can transport your marijuana in public legally, just not consume it.

Am I going to get fired for smoking marijuana?

That is totally up to your employer and company policies. The legalization of marijuana does not change the relationship between employee and employer.

What is the penalty if I smoke in public?

If you are caught smoking cannabis in public it is a Class B violation, the fine ranges from $130 to $2,000.

Can I drive high on cannabis?

Nope, it is still illegal to drive intoxicated. Yet you are allowed to transport your cannabis in the car.

Can I fly with cannabis in Oregon?

There are no airlines currently allowing marijuana on interstate flights and it is definitely illegal crossing state lines.

How will things change for current Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients?

There will be no changes to Oregon Medical Marijuana laws. Meaning patients can carry on the same way they did before recreational legalization.

How will legalization potentially benefit the state of Oregon?

  • 40% will go directly to a Common School Fund
  • 20% will go to alcoholism, drug services and mental health
  • 15% will go to Oregon State Police funding
  • 10% to cities to help with enforcement
  • 10% to counties for enforcement
  • 5% to help prevent alcohol and drug abuse with the Oregon Health Authority

Will Cannabis be legal in every county in Oregon?

Individual counties have the right to ban cannabis dispensaries in their jurisdiction but not the use of cannabis.




  • Nathaniel Grant says:

    The answer to the last question is not correct. Individual counties may only opt out of recreational stores once they become available. Household use, growing, possession limits [both home and public], etc all apply to any citizen of the state, there just won’t be a place in their respective counties to purchase goods. However, if your county does opt out you can go to an adjacent county and purchase clones/starts and/or flower and transport it home and you may also still share with others so long as there is no money exchanged.

  • Oman5 says:

    You say MJ became legal but there’s no place to buy it. Wrong, same place we’ve always bought it. While legalizing it – Oregon did nothing to remove the black market. The Federal Gov’t won’t let you legalize it 100% like Lettuce or Tobacco. How many tobacco plants can you grow? Unlimited right? and yet it’s a big pain in the but to grow – nobody is rushing to home-grow tobacco even though it’s expensive as hell right? Presently kids under 21 will seek black market weed and they’ll get it from the usual sources where Crack Cocaine and Heroine thrive. Legalize Weed, decriminalize it too.

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